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DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development

Pre-launch of the DAO Saturn Black
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Saturn Black DAO is a governing Council of Saturn Black, created as a smart contract, on the Aragon platform in the Ethereum network, to implement the goals of the community by voting members-co-owners of the DAO, using the signature of a private encryption key, confirming the right of a member of the Council. Decisions within the governing Council are made based on voting, according to the share distribution of XDAO tokens among the members of the governing Council.

The one-time issue of XDAO is 114 tokens. 1 XDAO is entitled to 0.877192982% of 100% of the Board’s votes and dividends.

DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development

Digital and intellectual assets, elements of material and software infrastructure, partnerships with external projects, as well as other types of measurable values, within the framework of the Saturn Black DAO agreements, are joint property and belong to the members of the governing Council, in a share equal to the share of ownership of the XDAO token, as well as the costs of maintaining the project infrastructure and possible losses.

What is Saturn Black? – is an interactive portal and the main interface for the Saturn Satellite System Architecture (3SA).
The release of the personal web account is scheduled for October 2020 and is currently running in Beta mode in the telegram bot Way to Saturn. Subsequently, 3SA will be presented both in the bot and on the site, in the format of a single account.

DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development

The functionality of the portal allows you to place commercial and social projects for rating voting, in order to Finance the steps to implement projects, with the goal of obtaining subsequent profit and social benefits from the implementation of the final products of projects.

Personal accounts of users in the 3SA system, deployed on, allows you to participate in the early launch of promising businesses, in the form of investment voting packages, by purchasing digital commitments of projects included in each package.

Personal accounts of project representatives in the 3SA system allow you to place projects for voting and interact with potential investors, customers and consumers of final products, issue digital commitments and receive support from the expert community.

The system of multi-level identification of ownership rights of digital assets, inside the 3SA system, makes the process of interaction of project teams with investors and customers safe, simple and flexible.

Your personal account allows you to perform a direct atomic exchange of crypto assets through the full-featured Swap Exchange Protocol. Standardization of software protocols allows to deploy infrastructure for any projects of various complexity and configuration, compatible with most modern standard solutions in the field of crypto assets and decentralized technologies.

DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development

XDAO distribution

The distribution of XDAO management tokens will be made in exchange for the XSAT liquidity token, at a fixed price, in 3 stages, with a different purchase threshold.
At the Pre-sale stage, the purchase of XDAO will be made only in the Way to Saturn telegram bot interface.

1 XDAO = 5 500 000 XSAT
September 2020
Stage 1. Pre-sale 4.11%
Purchase from 0.22 XDAO – 1 210 000 XSAT
October 2020
Stage 2. Early sale 11.3%
Purchase from 0.1 XDAO – 550 000 XSAT
November 2020
Stage 3. Public sale 14.59%
Purchase from 0.05 XDAO – 275 000 XSAT
December 2020
XDAO exchange trading

Thus, our team plans to sell a 30% stake in the DAO Saturn Black (34.2 XDAO). The remaining 70% is distributed between the Saturn Black team, co-founders, and infrastructure partners.

Securing the DAO

Owners of XDAO management tokens receive shared ownership of rights in the following areas of activity of DAO Saturn Black:

• 549 000 000 XSAT managed by the DAO, with a phased unblocking of shares for ~9 years;
• profit from XRING farming ~25% of total XRING production;
• profit from launching projects on the Saturn Black platform ~1-25% of the total project cost;
• 18% of exchange commissions inside Saturn Black Swap;

the voice of co-founder in the DAO-voting and 3SA;
profit from sales of software products.

DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development

Distribution of XSAT received as payment for XDAO
Read about the current distribution of XSAT tokens…

XSAT tokens, received by the Saturn Black team from the XDAO sale, will be used in the following proportion:

• 51% ensuring the liquidity of XSAT markets

• 49% will make up the DAO Fund and can be used for:
– Additional supply of liquidity in excess of 51%;
XDAO repurchase;
– XSAT staking in the amount of ~25% of the total Staking pool (“growing” XRING);
– Deployment of the Saturn Black DAO on smart contracts in the Ethereum network;
– Launch of the Saturn Satellites System Architecture and Rating Voting System;
– Formation of a portfolio of equity participation in projects;
– Expenses for launching the DAO.

Smart-contract of DAO Saturn Black

Management of the Saturn Black DAO involves decentralized management of the members DAO Council and is carried out in the Aragon interface, using an Ethereum wallet, with XDAO tokens, that provide a share of ownership of voting rights and dividends.

The issue of XDAO, in the amount of 114 tokens, is scheduled for the end of September 2020, with a freeze until the completion of 3 stages of the sale in December 2020.

From the moment of distribution of XDAO tokens to participants wallets, the freezing period of 549.000.000 XSAT will start, for a total of 3333 days, with periodic unblocking and receipt by the DAO Council.

• 49 million – not frozen;
• 50 million in 222 days;
• 75 million in 444 more days;
• 100 million in another 666 days;
• 125 million in another 888 days;
• 150 million in another 1113 days.

Dividend payments for all other activities of the DAO will also be deployed in the form of automated smart contracts on the Aragon platform and its own add-ons in the Ethereum network or other blockchains compatible with the cross-chain Swap Protocol.

Read about Swap exchange…
Requirements for DAO members

KYC proof of identity;
 Ethereum wallet of the ERC-20 standard.

XDAO Pre-sale

At the Pre-sale stage, the ability to purchase XDAO management tokens is available via Telegram bot Way to Saturn only to registered users with a confirmed identity, after checking the preliminary application.

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DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development DAO Saturn Black. The stages of startup and development