DAO Saturn Black

Decentralized tokenized organization
on the Binance Smart Chain DAO Saturn Black BSC
STBL & sbDAO tokens in the ecosystem


Pre-launch stage. Now

About DAO

DAO Saturn Black is a decentralized autonomous organization managed by DAO members, tokenized on the blockchain through DAO smart contracts.

A personal tool for direct management of DAO shares – a wallet with DAO assets on your balance.

A combination of the best DeFi solutions on the BSC blockchain.

DAO Saturn Black Tokens (sbDAO)

DeFi tool (decentralized finance tool) based on smart contracts in the BSC DAO Saturn Black blockchain (Binance Smart Chain).

sbDAO managing token is limited to the initial issue of 114 000 sbDAO tokens, which are a tool for direct equity management of DAO Saturn Black through a personal wallet.

Manage the DAO in a personal wallet - simple and secure


Binance Smart Chain

DAO Saturn Black


Breakthrough DAO Management Interface from XDAO

is the No. 1 DAO platform built on smart contracts in the Balance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain with cross-chain exchange function (compatible with Ethereum)

Saturn Black Tokens (STBL)

The liquidity token of the DAO Saturn Black blockchain economy. DeFi is a tool for interaction of the DAO blockchain economy with local world economies, anywhere in the world, through direct access to decentralized exchanges in a personal wallet.

Get access to the world of decentralized finance

STBL is limited to the initial issue of 750,000,000 STBL tokens and is provided with decentralized liquidity.

Total Limited Offer 24 880 000 STBL for early access

Limited Offer 11 300 000 STBL on Pancakeswap DEX

Limited Offer 11 300 000 STBL under the Ark Bonus Program

Limited offer of 2 280 000 STBL for lottery participants

A grand NFT lottery with a fund of 2 280 000 STBL
for participants of the DAO pre-launch stage
We will distribute 1 140 unique lottery NFT tickets
among the participants of the Ark Airdrop Bonus Program

DAO Saturn Black

DEX No. 1 in terms of placed liquidity

Connect the Telegram bot and get the first STBL under the Ark Bonus Program and access to the early purchase of sbDAO

Road Map

1Q 2022
2Q 2022
3Q 2022

DAO Structure