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Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token

Listing XSAT on an accessible and secure exchange is one of the priority needs of the community and the goals of the Saturn Black team. In this article, we will share our plans for XSAT exchange trading.
Where do they trade XSAT now?

Today, the only exchange platform where XSAT is traded is Waves Exchange. Over the next month, if you want to buy or sell XSAT, we recommend using this exchange.

Why Waves Exchange?
Link to the XSAT token smart contract. Only this contract is equivalent to XSAT.

The exchange’s infrastructure allows us to trade XSAT tokens in trading pairs to BTC (Bitcoin) LINK and USDN (dollar) LINK without complex registration and verification procedures.

Depositing and withdrawing using Bank cards, allows us to use a trading account in the absence of cryptocurrency.

• The universal interface of the exchange allows us to comfortably use both a computer and a smartphone for trading with full account synchronization.

• Waves Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEx), based on the Waves blockchain, which allows you to be sure, that the assets on the account are safe and that third parties do not have access to the account. An account cannot be blocked or frozen as long as the private key to the wallet is available only to its owner.
Have this, however, always remember to save your private key in a safe place. If the key is lost – no one can help restore the wallet with its contents. We will not be able to help You with the recovery of assets on account of a lost or compromised private key.

Low transaction fees on the Waves network compared to fees on the Ethereum network, allowing you to make fast transactions. The sharp increase in prices for ERC-20 token transaction fees, due to the growing demand for Ether tokens and the congestion of the Ethereum network, has become a big problem for the community over the past 2-3 months. The full-fledged exchange interface Waves Exchange has become an excellent alternative for our community for the next month.

• Another advantage due to the decentralized structure of the waves exchange is round-the-clock access to token transactions, due to the lack of moderation and control by third parties.

Based on the listed features of the Waves Exchange, we do not see any major obstacles for the community to use it to buy and sell XSAT tokens. The exchange has a friendly interface, which, however, requires study and compliance with information security measures.

❗️ Never trust anyone with the private key to your Wallet!

❗️ Remember, nobody from our team asks for your Private key, under any pretext!

Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token

How do I add funds to my Waves Exchange account?

The XSAT token on the Waves network is backed by XSAT tokens on the Ethereum network. These XSATs are always equal to each other in a ratio of 1:1. Replenishment and withdrawal of XSAT Ethereum tokens to is carried out, using the telegram bot Way to Saturn and is guaranteed to be exchanged by the Saturn Black team.

Does our team plan additional exchange listings?

Not so long ago, our community discussed the upcoming listing on the Unics exchange. At the moment, we have suspended further steps to place the token on Unics, due to low activity in registering the community on the exchange. Maybe later we will return to the location of the XSAT to Unics, if the need arises.

However, like all XSAT owners, our team is interested in the high liquidity of the XSAT token markets. The number of exchanges that place an asset for trading significantly affects the liquidity indicators. Therefore, we are constantly working on adding new markets and plan to launch our own Swap exchange on Saturn Black in October and subsequent XSAT listings on other exchanges.

Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token

According to the survey, which we conducted a couple of weeks ago, in a community circle, more than 80% of XSAT owners have a positive attitude to decentralized exchanges, although they do not always give them preference. Within the team, we tend to use decentralized exchanges, as they allow us to exclude the influence of market owners on access to traders accounts. But despite this, we do not rule out placing XSAT on a reliable classic Bitcoin exchange, if this will have a positive impact on the development of XSAT trading and will help attract new members of the Saturn Black community ◾️

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Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token Exchanges. Buy and sell XSAT token