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Final stage Token Sale Saturn Black

Token Sale Saturn Black has moved to the final stage. Public sale will go until March 6.
At the previous stages, our project distributed 111,500,000 tokens offered for sale at prices ranging from $ 0.075 to $ 0.115.

At the stage of Public sale, the price of 1 Saturn token (XSAT) is $ 0.13, and the minimum check is $ 50.
We reserve the opportunity to purchase the token at a lower price for buyers from $ 5000. To purchase at a discount contact us at or at Telegram @saturn_info.

Buy Saturn Tokens (XSAT) now

From the idea until today, the Saturn Black team developed the project mainly due to the own investments of the team members. Thanks to the community feedback, we were convinced of the viability of the business model of the project, which is based on the supply of liquidity to the crypto markets.

At the moment, the project has gathered a certain pool of altcoins and launched trading operations on them in existing markets.

We also continue to contact with the blockchain project teams to find partners interested in supporting the liquidity of their own markets.

Our team is continuously exploring the crypto markets and expanding the list of assets accepted for payment. We are ready to accept more than 150 crypto assets in exchange for the Saturn token and plan to expand the list to 300 items. Project representatives and investors can contact our team to discuss the integration of Saturn Black liquidity systems on their markets.

Buy Saturn Tokens (XSAT) now

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