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The liquidity of the crypto market leaves much to be desired. Attractive at first glance, crypto assets, upon careful research are not always meet the demandes of crypto players. The choice of investors in crypto assets is limited to several liquidity instruments.

Due to the current market situation, many perspective blockchain projects have been trapped by falling market. The lack of the possibility of listing on popular exchanges, projects place their assets in trading on exchanges with less liquidity. Not having received a quality secondary market, assets lose value and investors suffer losses. The loss of liquidity in the form of investments leads to a slowdown in the development of the entire industry of crypto payments and blockchain developments.


Saturn Black is a liquidity provider, an over-the-counter trading platform.

Thanks to the launch of the Saturn Black OTC service with the internal liquidity token XSAT, crypto investors get the opportunity of flexible management their own investment portfolio from among 300 crypto assets.

– sale and buy without price slippage;
– volumes up to $ 50,000 for one transaction on Token Sale and up to $ 200,000 after launching the platform;
– a wide offer of perspective crypto assets;
– exchange for fiat currency through a licensed European broker;
– redistribution of unprofitable positions of crypto assets with the best conditions;
– passive income by providing of liquidity within the platform.

For example,
an investor has an unprofitable token N in his portfolio equivalent to $ 25,000. Token N trading volume is $ 50,000 per day. One-time market sale of the volume of one investor can reduce the price by 10% or more. Recent sales will be closed 10% or more cheaper from the current market price.

By exchanging the N token for the XSAT liquidity token, the investor from our example gets the best price compared to the exchange. The investor closes the entire volume of N tokens at one price. Having received XSAT tokens, the investor has many options for the further distribution of the proceeds. There is a choice to fix the value in Bitcoins, dollars or other crypto assets.

Crypto assets listed to the Saturn Black trading list will attract the attention of professional investors, brokers and market makers.

Saturn Black will back up existing crypto markets with liquidity and will expand trading opportunities for players by over-the-counter circulation.

Saturn Black for crypto markets is:

– listing based on feedback from the project community with no additional charge;
– new investors from the circle of partners Saturn Black;
– stabilization of low liquidity falling markets;
– additional popularization in the environment of crypto players;
– additional liquidity and growing asset attractiveness.

The first liquidity token XSAT opens up new horizons for the crypto market. Token liquidity is provided by an extensive list of quoted assets and the ability to convert into top cryptocurrencies.

The attractiveness of the XSAT token lies in the ability of traders to open and close large positions on low-liquid assets, using XSAT as an intermediate hedging instrument.

The market potential of the Saturn Black business model is focused on the growing demand for crypto assets among professionals. By providing crypto players with the opportunity to participate in new markets on flexible terms, Saturn Black expands opportunities for investment in crypto assets.

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