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Payment card Saturn Black. From cash to crypto

Last week, our team published the roadmap 2.0, in which we presented an updated concept and prototype of the mobile application Saturn Black Broker.

Today we are pleased to announce the start of the collection of applications for the issue of a Saturn Black X payment card.

Currently, the application can be submitted only for holders of 10,000 Saturn tokens (XSAT). This restriction will be removed after the development stage is completed and the Saturn Black mobile application is launched. The card issuance fee and the first year of account maintenance will not be charged. This is one of the bonuses for early Saturn token purchasers.

At a time when each person has several payment cards (2 on average), it is very difficult to convince a client of the need to issue a new one. But since Saturn Black is focused on the emerging market of crypto assets, we still give a few arguments in favor of the Saturn Black payment card.

1. Online light banking and international payments through VISA processing
Saturn Black payment account will allow you to perform all operations with money that your daily payment account allows you to do it today.
In addition to the usual banking functionality, we will offer a range of bonus affiliate programs.

2. Buying and selling of crypto assets on a brokerage order with a guarantee of legal purity of transactions

3. The annual limit of operations on the Saturn Black X card is up to € 300,000 with the ability to convert to other currencies

4. Investing through a licensed broker in investment projects based on security tokens. The broker uses the money and crypto assets of clients, and clients receive dividends. Along with the provision of a liquidity fund, money and assets from the trust management pool will be used in real economic sectors, which will ensure high profitability.

5. Integration of the payment account of the card with the mobile application Saturn Black Broker, the release of which is scheduled for mid-summer 2019. In the application crypto wallets will integrate with full access to the private key and the atomic exchange function.

The application launch will make the way “from cash to crypto and back” even easier.
Registration of an application for issuing a payment card is available to registered users after passing KYC in your personal account.

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