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Purchase Saturn tokens (XSAT) through direct atomic swap is available for BTC & USDT

Dear community, it’s time to talk about the results of our partnership with the Swap Online team. A few days ago, the Swap team published the White Paper. We recommend to get acquainted with the material, as in our opinion, these are the most progressive developments in the field of atomic exchange of crypto assets.

Today we are pleased to present a working version of the atomic exchange from Swap Online developers on the Saturn Black platform. In the updated version, Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) and Saturn (XSAT) token are available for users. Purchase is carried out with a 0% fee.

When purchasing Saturn tokens (XSAT) using an atomic swap, a 1% bonus will be charged to the purchase amount. In addition, for holders of more than 10,000 XSAT will be available to issue a payment card. But we will write about this separately.

We inform all users about the need to securely save the private key of the wallet. We also advise you to synchronize the generated wallet with the MetaMask interface or any other interface that you use.

In the near future, we will make a video guide for placing orders in atomic exchange, so that it is even easier to use.

If you find a bug in the work of the exchange interface, you can register your video screen report here and receive a reward of 222 Saturn tokens (XSAT).

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