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Saturn is a platform for direct cross-chain exchange of crypto assets

Decentralized protocol – a symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchange and the reliability of a third party guarantor. Legal and secure transactions for crypto market players.

Our purpose: the creation of a qualitatively new, liquid and secure market for crypto assets.

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Road map 2.0

  • Launching Saturn - First liquidity token, November 2018

    Start Token Sale & launching Saturn token (XSAT). Primary sale of tokens and fundraising for launching the platform. See more information about tokens

  • Escrow Transactions, February 2019

    Buying and selling crypto assets through escrow account for payment on a brokerage order quantity from 50 BTC.
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  • Direct atomic Swap exchange, February 2019

    Launch of the atomic OTC exchange Saturn token (XSAT) in pairs with BTC & USDT. Go to exchange

  • Listing XSAT token on crypto exchange, March 2019

    Buy Saturn token now with +150 crypto assets. Go to purchase

  • Issue of a Saturn Black payment card, April 2019

    Saturn Black X – payment card with an annual limit of €300,000. Limit edition for holders of 10,000 Saturn tokens. Daily payments, brokerage account, purchase of crypto assets online at market price, cash around the world and many bonuses for cardholders. Pre-order payment card Saturn Black

  • Mobile Payments & Broker app Saturn Black, July 2019

    Mobile application Saturn Black Broker in GooglePlay / AppStore. Launch a payment system account linked to a payment card and brokerage account

  • Security tokens OTC trading platform, 3Q 2019

    Trade with security tokens on the Saturn Black platform. Investment contracts on the blockchain with full support of a licensed European broker and simple mobile management through the application.