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General information about Saturn Black

In which jurisdiction is your cryptocurrency activity?

It is the Czech Republic. Also we continue to make inquiries about all available jurisdictions that can ensure the legality of our services in the future.

What is the essence of your project?

To create of a qualitatively new, liquid and safe Cryptocurrency market. Read more in White Paper

Who are the main members of your project team?

The main members of the Saturn Black team are experts in the field of investment, trading on exchanges and of course program integration and systematization.

Does Saturn Black Team have partners in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industries?

Yes, the team has partners. They are Swap.Online, MyWish. The list of partners is systematically updated.

Is Saturn Black a platform?

Yes, Saturn Black launches Exchange and OTC trading Platform for Cryptocurrencies based on cross-chain protocol of exchange Swap. The plans of the Saturn team to provide of P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies and brokers.

Investment in Saturn Black

If I start investing in Saturn Black, how quickly I will start getting a profit?

Our company can not promise you a profit, as we create a platform for a secure cross-chain exchange of crypto assets. Purchase of XSAT tokens gives you the opportunity to get rid of low-liquid tokens that definitely will not bring you profit and may disappear from crypto market forever. And taking into account the rise of XSAT token price, you will be able to fix your desired profit.

What are the conditions and how can I invest in Saturn Black?

The process of purchasing the XSAT token is described here  Purchase conditions can be found on our website in the Legal Information column. And this web page will help you buy a token at the Private Sail stage.

How many Token Sale stages are planned?

Token Sale consists of 3 stages: Private Sales, Pre-Sale, Public Sale. After the end of Token Sale, the purchase of XSAT tokens can only be made on exchanges at market prices.

What bonuses are provided during the Token Sale stages?

The Saturn Black team provides a bounty program in which you can get bonuses. Information on how to get bonuses can be found on our Website or on bitcointalk