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Система Спутников Сатурна (3SA)

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Бот «Way to Saturn» 🔘 - это система управления индивидуальным и коллективным капиталом в Сетецентрической Архитектуре Спутников Сатурна (3SA). Бот предназначен для синхронизации распределённых узлов хранения токенов XSAT и обеспечивает их циркуляцию в системе 3SA, направляет потоки капитала участников в проекты.

Бот Way to Saturn

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Среда для цифровой экономики

Евразийская Торгово-Инвестиционная Платформа

Интегрированная Модульная Платформа Экономики с Реконфигурируемой Интеллектуальной Универсальной Матрицей управления


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Saturn Satellite System

Xor Satellite Avatar of Trade United Recursive Neuroseed
Benefit Line Algorithm Crypto Keep Transaction

Saturn Satellite Rating System (SSRS) is a rating system of projects

In order of research the social spheres of human life and the evolution of socio-economic processes management systems, Saturn Black supports the Cybertechnology Association’s program called «SATURN — 3DTWING3TOR» together with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, HTI foundation, Alray GC and other partners.

By joint partnership efforts, the Saturn Satellite Rating System (SSRS) rating system has been developed to implement the 3DTWING3TOR program.

The uniqueness of the system proposed for projects, specialists and investors lies in the innovative format of interaction of intellectual and financial capital.
Projects registered in the program receive an assessment of investment attractiveness and funding through initial token offers to investment experts who are part of Invest Monitoring.

Project evaluation and investment allocation is carried out using the RPO-RFO-RIO method.
Rating Project Offering — Rating Finance Offering — Rating Investment Offering.

Saturn Satellite Rating System is intended for:
First, for the implementation of projects that contribute to the evolutionary development of society, using innovative intellectual information technologies and cryptocurrencies;
Secondly, for the knowledge exchange that determining the effectiveness of capitalization of investment intellectual resources.

The focus of investment in the first phase will be projects in the field of IT-technologies, cryptography and socially significant projects. Currently, knowledge in all spheres of human life is estimated in society in monetary terms, therefore the participation of experts in CRYPTO-TEST-INVEST-MONITORING will allow assigning projects a rating expressed in monetary terms, which will allow projects to speed up their production.



Tatur Vadim Yurevich
President Cybertechnology Association’s

Read more about SSRS…

CROSS-PLATFORM «SATURN» (Network-centric Architecture of Tensor Control of Distributed Neurol-nodes) — Distributed Control System consisting of a set of block devices that are separated apart, each of which is independent of the other, but they interact to perform a common task. How to get started: registering a user and the project with website porting into the orbit of the SATURN platform — 300 USD

Creating a semantic simulation modeling 3D TWIN G3 TOR — SATURN SATELLITE with an Automated Business Process — 1200 USD (without a mobile application) / 2400 USD (with a mobile application) from your website / 3700 USD (with a website and a mobile application) in the following area’s services: XSAT & Digital Education Service
XSAT & Digital Insurance Service
XSAT & Digital Medical Service
XSAT & Digital Travel Service
XSAT & Digital Sports Service
XSAT & Digital Service in Ecology
XSAT & Digital Car Service
XSAT & Digital Transport Service
XSAT & Digital Legal Service
XSAT & Digital Communal Service
XSAT & Digital Agroservice
XSAT & Digital Space Service
XSAT & Digital Building Service
XSAT & Digital Air Service
XSAT & Digital Hotel Service
XSAT & Digital Communication Service
XSAT & Digital Restaurant Service
XSAT & Digital Art Service

To register your project in the rating system, fill out this SSRS form.

Партнерство уникальных технологических проектов в единой программе развития



Contacting the Saturn Team