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Saturn Black expands the list of assets to make payment for the XSAT tokens

Our team expands the list of assets which accepted for payment. Now you can buy XSAT tokens in exchange for 31 assets.

Following our strategy and taking into account the market situation, we will continue to supplement the list of payment with assets and by the end of Token Sale we plan to include about 300 crypto assets in trading.

Our purpose is to increase the liquidity of the markets with low liquidity. By the way of involvement of the low liquid crypto assets to trading, even if they were bought on the ICO or on the crypto exchange at a high price, we create a circulation of assets on the over-the-counter market. Thereby, asset holders can find a counterpart for a secure transaction while maintaining anonymity. We expect to draw attention of holders of crypto assets, which volume of investment positions exceed the usual daily market circulation for an asset in existing markets. At the first stage of launching the Saturn Black platform, we will provide customers with over-the-counter atomic exchange via the Swap protocol.

The transactions that occurred on the platform will not have an impact to the world average market prices of assets, even if the volume of the transaction will many times exceed the usual trading volume. Thereby, the asset holder can sell the depreciating asset without collapsing the market. We think this is important point, since the majority of holders with large assets amount do not pursue the goal of market collapse, as they have invested in trusted projects and are interested in their survival.

However, the market situation has developed in such way that many holders with large asset amount have frozen their invested funds for an indefinite time. And many crypto players have the need to reduce asset positions in order to put the proceeds into operation. Existing markets do not allow to do this quickly without causing damage to the asset. This is a kind of vicious circle from which we see only one correct way out – to return the property of liquidity to investments, forcing them to work.

Saturn Black platform is created with the aim of launching a mutual exchange of assets and distribution of positions on the market. Today, we are giving this opportunity to owners of 31 cryptoactive assets.

Now, when paying a token, you can select any crypto asset from the list. 

How to buy XSAT tokens on Token Sale Saturn Black Platform

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