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Saturn Black Team. Idea of creating a platform

Let me introduce the main team and co-founders of the Saturn Black. From left to right: Vladimir Nikulshin – CTO, Vadim Machnev – СVO, Dmitry Zykov – CEO, Idea.


The idea of ​​creating the Saturn Black platform is based on the experience of team members in cryptocurrency trading. The active presence in the market during the bullish trend of Bitcoin in 2017 and its collapse in 2018 made it possible to study the causes of the coming crisis.


Dmitriy Zykov

Co-founder / CEO
Expert of the Saturn Black Team on liquidity Market. Trader on crypto markets and Market Maker. Trade automation and market strategy.
Idea of the project Saturn Black.

“A few years ago, I put everything on cryptocurrencies and today I’m talking about the real importance Bitcoin as a standard of value. During trading of crypto assets, I saw the problem of liquidity of most crypto markets. Saturn is our team vision for solving this problem.”


The experience of trading on more than 20 crypto exchanges and trade automation, led us to offer our product to the crypto market – Saturn Black atomic exchange & OTC trading Platform.


Vadim Machnev

Co-founder / CVO

A crypto enthusiast with investment and cryptocurrency trading experience since 2014.
Before, it was an investment activity in small startups.
For now it is the development of the Saturn Black project, ensuring its legitimacy.


Holding a Public Sale of XSAT tokens in exchange for about 300 cryptoactive assets may seem like a risky idea at first sight. We believe that it is the most risky to keep depreciating assets in cold storage and therefore we are opening a platform for direct atomic exchange of crypto assets to increase liquidity in low liquid markets.


Vladimir Nikulshin
Co-founder / CTO

Front End Developer & Software integration.
Web developer over 15 years.
Systematization of the company’s work and the logic of big data accounting.


The main work to create the concept of the platform was done by three persons, but of course, it is not our whole team. We will continue to introduce our community to the participants of the Saturn Black project in the following articles.

In the middle of December, our team will present the first version of the platform, in which the exchange of about 20 crypto assets through atomic transactions will be implemented.

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