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Saturn Black Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Roadmap 2.0

Dear community,
Today we approved the vector of the company’s development for 2019. Passing the way from idea to launch of the first products, our team managed to explore the market and create a community. We have infrastructure partners, as well as a vision of the development of the crypto asset market and the role of Saturn Black in the overall market movement.

Studying the problems of low liquidity of crypto markets, in parallel, our team worked on solving this problem.

The first step in increasing liquidity Saturn Black proposed the Saturn liquidity token model (XSAT), which was launched in the Ethereum mainnet on November 17. Today, February 18, the number of token holders has increased to 1,100.

Earlier, we hypothesized the exaggeration of capitalization indicators. Today we are fully convinced of this based on market history. Obviously, many crypto assets will not survive the current bear market in which we continue to stay. Now the purchase of the Saturn token is available for more than 200 crypto assets. (Go to purchase) Probably in the near future the number of trading pairs will be reduced.

We have seen in practice that it is impossible to put liquidity on anyone market. Many coins and tokens can not be saved. The next destination of illiquid crypto assets is delisting and memories.

Based on the experience gained and the market development of the Saturn Black project, our team will focus more on increasing the liquidity of crypto assets that have a future.

Together with the Swap Online team, we continue to follow in the development of atomic exchange. Currently, the alpha-version of the exchange is available for XSAT tokens in pairs with BTC and USDT. Go to purchase XSAT.  Go to exchange

The first points in our updated roadmap are the release of a payment card and the launch of a mobile application with a brokerage crypto account. The pre-order Saturn Black X card with a free issue and a year of service is available for holders with more than 10,000 Saturn token. The order is available in the client’s personal account. KYC procedure is required.

In the next few weeks after the completion of Token Sale, a listing of the Saturn token is scheduled on the public crypto exchange in pairs to BTC, ETH and USD. The dates of listing and name of trading platform will depend on the outcome of negotiations with the exchanges.

We planned to release the mobile application in mid-summer 2019. In the first version, we plan to connect a simple payment solution, in connection with the Saturn Black X payment card (Pre-order payment card Saturn Black), with a brokerage account based on the Swap atomic exchange protocol. Currently, both modules are working separately. Therefore, our team has a clear guideline on the ideal result, which we have to implement technically. The functionality of the mobile application will make crypto assets more accessible to the mass market, as a result we expect an increase in the liquidity of the assets placed on our OTC brokerage platform.

The last point in the roadmap scheduled in 2019, we have designated the launch of a trading platform for secured tokens. The launch time largely depends on the legal readiness of our project, so we have designated the period for the 3rd quarter, 2019.

Compared to our initial roadmap, we have made significant changes based on the needs of the market in our collective vision. The basis of our concept remains the same and our local goals are determined by the tasks of increasing liquidity.

We thank all the members of our community for their support and assistance in the Saturn Black advancement! 

Saturn Black Team

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