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Steps of Saturn Black on the way to popularizing services

In the development of Saturn’s atomic exchange services, the project team is expecting on the support of the community, which is represented by several million crypto players around the world. Offering a number of advantages to the market, Saturn Black products will be demanded by market players from the initial level to the professionals.

The listing of crypto assets will depend on the requirements of the community in the markets and our team will organize regular voting, starting with the first stage of Token Sale, in order to understand the capacity of the markets and the need to expand the secondary market.

As the volume of assets, attracted to Token Sale in exchange for XSAT tokens is formed,we will negotiate with representatives of the companies beneficiaries of these assets and discuss with them the current problems of asset liquidity. Teams of companies interested in solving the problems of liquidity of assets will receive partnership assistance in the form of adding assets to the lists of trading instruments. Does not plan to charge additional fees from companies for delivering liquidity to existing markets and new markets on the Saturn platform.

Also, services for over-the-counter transactions and an auction will allow holders with high amount of assets to realize their assets through our platform. To further popularize the XSAT token and the Saturn platform, the team plans to enter into popular exchanges. Due to the shift in trading volumes towards decentralization, we expect to get a fair price for the XSAT token in order to exclude possible manipulations. As the platform develops, the team intends to conduct a series of research that will help find new ways in the development of the crypto market and increase the liquidity of assets.

In conducting research, we are expecting on the support of our community, which will allow us to grow together. Another step towards popularization is the Primordial Liquidity program. New projects will receive assistance from the Saturn team. Under this program, projects will receive an audit of the token model in order to receive adequate feedback and an assessment of the future token’s liquidity when it reaches the exchanges.

It is planned to popularize the platform through a marketing strategy, using the fund of bounty program. Moving factors of the product will be the community of crypto players, as well as the maintenance and development of product quality on our part, according to the plan to create a new, liquid and safe over-the-counter market.

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