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Token Sale. Soft cap completed. Bounty stage 3

Saturn Black continues Token Sale. Our team is actively working on its product and we need more time to create a quality platform for the exchange of crypto assets. We decided to extend the Pre-sale stage until February 6, 2019. The cost of Saturn token (XSAT) until the end of Pre-sale is $ 0.115, and the minimum check is reduced to $ 500. We also expanded the payment list to 100 assets and continue to replenish it.

From the start of Token Sale until today, our team has established partnerships with developers and representatives of traditional financial business. By the end of the Pre-sale, we will update the roadmap, as our plans are adjusted as the Company develops. However, despite changes and an increase in the timing of Token Sale, we remain true to our original goals of increasing the liquidity of crypto assets. We strive for the perfection of the concept and the satisfaction of the market needs for higher liquidity.


Token Sail in numbers
On December 24, 2019 we sold 105,100,000 XSAT
Of these, 100,000,000 XSAT sold by the partner contract with the Bancibo payment system with a delay of full payment during the year. Thus, the Saturn Black project received sufficient funding to launch exchange services.
The remaining 5,100,000 XSAT, from among those sold, were bought by investors in our community.
Until the end of the Token Sale, 644,900,000 XSATs are available for purchase at a fixed price. Purchase of a token is available on the checkout page at the link.


To date, we have paid 2,050,000 XSAT for the first stage of the Bounty campaign. 7,000,000 XSAT we will paid to the participants of the second stage of the Bounty campaign. This Bounty campaign does not end, as the residual token reserve is 90,000,000 XSAT. We remind you that the entire volume of Bounty campaign tokens will be distributed for 1.5 years or more.


We are greatful to all the representatives of our community for supporting the Saturn Black project and, as before, welcome for new members. You can always ask questions in our media channels.

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