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Staking XSAT. Tokenomics Reversible liquidity Saturn Black

In the previous article we analyzed two XSAT Staking models, that were used in Saturn Black. One of these Staking models is currently deployed and active, based in the Way to Saturn bot.

In article, we evaluated the potential technical risks for the owners of staking accounts, as well as described a way to reduce these risks – by transferring the Staking algorithm to autonomic operation via smart-contracts. Read more…

In this article, we will analyze the second key parameter, that affects the feasibility of Staking and the community’s interest in supporting the asset, by long-term freezing – the value of the XSAT token and its anti-inflationary tokenomics model. The prepared information is a continuation of our previous articles, for example on XSAT distribution.

Limited issue

The Saturn XSAT token was issued once and the issue is final, in the amount of XSAT. LINK… The token contract has been finalized and no additional issue is possible. LINK… A limited number of tokens eliminates artificial inflating of capitalization and will have a positive impact on the overall state of the market in the long term.

Read about DAO…

Freezing 549,000,000 XSAT tokens in the DAO contract, which make up 54.9% of the total issue – will help limit the entry of large volumes of XSAT to the market. The duration of freezing is calculated for ~9 years, with increasing defrosting intervals at each stage. Thus, the volume of XSAT, entering the market, will be gradual and stretched over time.

In addition to freezing XSAT volumes, managed by the team and partners, to the DAO Fund, the sale of 30% of the DAO has a market turnover potential of 188.100.000 XSAT, which makes up the total value of 34.2 XDAO tokens.

When XDAO enters the exchange market, at the end of the year, the price of the XDAO token has a great potential for growth, due to the limited supply, features of the economic model and the launch of Saturn Black products:
• Rating voting systems;
• XRING staking;
• Software product for projects – XBot;
• Atomic asset exchanger – XSwap;
• Liquidity pools;
• Launch of Satellites of the Saturn System (see the roadmap-link)

This, in turn, will also cause a wave of demand for XSAT.

Long-term plans of the Saturn Black team

The amount of tokens, that make up the team’s future reward, in the amount of 100,000,000 XSAT, is currently frozen for payment until November 17, 2021. This is the 4th transfer of remuneration and we deliberately took this step, limiting the free volume of tokens in the market. With long-term plans to develop XSAT liquidity, we understand the need for concerted action in the interests of the entire Saturn Black community.

XSAT staking and XRING farming

The next point, which can also be called a measure against potential inflation, is Staking. 

Staking XSAT. Tokenomics Reversible liquidity Saturn Black

In the previous article, we reviewed the technical capabilities of XSAT Staking in the Telegram bot Way to Saturn, identified possible risks and the further development path. Read more…

We have already written, that the Staking model will be based on a new algorithm. Unlike the model used today, in the next versions of the Staking software, we will introduce an additional economic element of reverse liquidity – the XRING token, which is extracted from the share of frozen XSAT tokens, in the Staking account.

Around mid-October, XSAT Staking will switch to this algorithm, which is designed for long-term placement of XSAT volumes by a variety of token holders.

The new Staking algorithm was developed with the limited XSAT issue in mind and is being prepared for launch in order to increase liquidity and reduce inflation of all assets on board the Saturn Black: XDAO, XSAT and XRING.

The launch of XRING mining will begin with the pre-mining stage in the Way to Saturn bot and will be gradually transferred to blockchain smart-contracts within 1-2 months, when the program code is ready, testing is completed, and security is confirmed.

Initially, the Council of the DAO Saturn Black will maintain XRING production parity at 25% of the pool. This measure will help support the XSAT and XRING markets at the start, as well as ensure the constant flow of XRING tokens to the market.

The full economic model of XRING and its additional value advantages will be described in a separate article.

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Staking XSAT. Tokenomics Reversible liquidity Saturn Black Staking XSAT. Tokenomics Reversible liquidity Saturn Black Staking XSAT. Tokenomics Reversible liquidity Saturn Black