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Update Token Sale Saturn Black

Earlier we wrote about plans of conducting Token Sale.
We received feedback from the crypto community and took steps to refine the concept of Saturn Black and the final product.
Following the logic of circumstances, we changed the Token Sale dates and the release of platform.The basic concept of the project remains unchanged, as well as the procedure for the distribution of the XSAT tokens.

Update Token Sale Saturn Black

Saturn Black event calendar:

December 10
The beginning of a large crypto vote

Our team researching crypto assets that will be included in the Saturn Black trade lists. We invite teams and communities of crypto projects to vote on assets that need additional liquidity. We are looking for the most demanded markets, which are currently undervalued.

In view of the current market situation, many projects do not have the opportunity to expand markets. The concept of Saturn Black involves the support of assets needed by the community without additional costs from the project teams. According to the members of our team, the launch of over-the-counter trading of popular crypto assets will help attract additional liquidity.

December 12
Release of the demo version of the escrow protocol Swap on the Saturn Black platform

From the moment of launch, the testing period will begin. We will publish separate reports on updates in the development of the platform.

Update Token Sale Saturn Black

December 22
The beginning of the Pre-sale stage

Before the start of Pre-sale, we have a lot of work to do to give access in time to the purchase of the XSAT token for a wide range of buyers. At this stage, the minimum purchase volume will be reduced and the price of the token will be increased. The list of accepted crypto assets for payment will be expanded and will consist of approximately 50 assets.

At the Pre-sale stage, a buyer’s personal account will appear with KYC / AML verification and the purchase of the XSAT token will become available automatically for most assets from the list of accepted payments. Nevertheless, for some assets, we will continue the transaction verification in manual mode, for security purposes.

The Terms and Conditions for the purchase of an XSAT token at the Pre-sale stage, as well as prices, possible commissions and other conditions will be published on the eve of the project website. The Pre-sale stage runs from December 22 to January 21. The Project team reserves the right to change the start, end and duration of the period.

Update Token Sale Saturn Black

Prior to the completion of the Private sale stage, the purchase of a token is carried out according to the rules established earlier and is available on this page. To purchase now buy the XSAT tokens, go to the Token Pay page and place an order.

We continue to work on launching the platform and we are developing joint activities with our partners. This week we will be announcing a lot of new things, so join our social media community. You can get feedback from the team representatives and get the news of the project first.

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