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XSAT issue and distribution since release

XSAT-Exchange Satellite Asset of Trade-exchange trading satellite asset – the First liquidity token.
XSAT issue

As stipulated in the reverse liquidity model of the XSAT token, the issue is limited to 1,000,000,000 tokens.

The one-time issue of XSAT is distributed to 4 Ethereum wallets as follows:

750.000.000 XSAT was intended for sale on Token Sale. Wallet in Etherscan

100.000.000 XSAT was intended for the Bounty Fund. Wallet in Etherscan

50.000.000 XSAT was intended for the development of Saturn Black products. Wallet in Etherscan

• and 100.000.000 XSAT ccounted for the future remuneration of the Saturn Black team. Wallet in Etherscan

XSAT issue and distribution since release

Finalizing the XSAT token smart contract

The technical possibility of an additional issue was available in the smart contract of the Saturn XSAT token until recently. It was necessary for the deployment of smart contracts subsequent phases Tokencache, although we did not plan to issue additional tokens, and 8 August 2020, we finalized the smart contract of the token, thus finally limiting the total number of XSAT issued to a one-time issue of 1 billion XSAT tokens.
Finalizing transaction.

How are XSAT distributed now?

Today, Saturn XSAT tokens are distributed across just over 1.5 thousand wallets in the Ethereum network and almost 1.5 thousand accounts in the official Telegram bot Way to Saturn 🔘. In this article, we would like to talk about the current distribution of large volumes of XSAT and, based on the figures, share with you a strategy to support the Saturn markets.

Let’s start with the remuneration of the Saturn Black team, which according to the initial distribution, should have been distributed on March 17, 2019. By the General decision of the team, we postponed the distribution until November 17, 2019, but did not take advantage of this opportunity, leaving this question unanswered until today. At a General meeting with the team, we decided to postpone receiving our remuneration until November 17, 2021, that is, for more than a year. For the market, this will guarantee a reduction in price pressure, and for our team members, it will be an additional incentive to create a highly liquid market with real demand.

• Just under 17 million XSAT were paid out of the Bounty Fund, of which more than 10 million were distributed through free trade on Latoken and ForkDelta, and now:

• About 2.000.000 XSAT are still in the vaults of the Latoken exchange::
Latoken 2 Wallet

Latoken 3 Wallet

• About 5.000.000 XSAT were purchased on Latoken by our liquidity pool and transferred from exchange wallets to the Saturn Black hot wallet – Wallet

• The remaining ~3.000.000 XSAT are withdrawn to the buyers personal wallets.

The remaining ~82.500.000 XSAT in the bounty Fund will be used for the primary purpose of long-term marketing of the project and will be managed by the DAO.

From the pool of tokens intended for expenses related to software development, 5.000.000 XSAT were paid once and the balance is 45.000.000 XSAT. The purpose of tokens remains the same. The distribution of the XSAT development pool will be managed by the DAO Council after the launch of XDAO, by determining the development directions by voting. Read about XDAO… 

The Saturn Black co-founders have 3 large XSAT repositories at their disposal, as the company’s property:

• The storage of tokens originally reserved for Tokensale currently contains 183.3 million XSAT

183.000.000 XSAT – Wallet

250.000.000 XSAT Wallet

• Another 50.000.000 XSAT Wallet
were blocked as security for the release of 50 million XSAT equivalent in the Waves networkТранзакция

XSAT issue and distribution since release

TOP 10 XSAT wallets

What other significant XSAT wallets are there?

• Company owner. Long-term partner
100.000.000 XSATWallet 

• Private owner. Long-term partner
~65.500.000 XSAT Wallet

• Tokens with lost access 
20.000.000 XSAT Wallet 

Based on data on the distribution of total output 1 billion XSAT tokens to sum up:

• ~855.000.000 XSAT is consolidated in the wallets of Saturn Black co-founders and partners.

• ~ 75.000.000 XSAT distributed on 20 wallets of owners from 1 to 10 million XSAT.

• ~ 50.000.000 XSAT distributed on wallets less than 1 million XSAT

20.000.000 XSAT were withdrawn from circulation due to the loss of the private key of the storage.

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XSAT issue and distribution since release XSAT issue and distribution since release XSAT issue and distribution since release