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XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers

Why do we take low-liquid assets and what will we do with them? We received a lot of feedback on this issue and we consider that it is necessary to clarify the position of our team.

Let’s start with the fact that by holding depreciating assets the investor does not make a profit and some of the funds are simply frozen in the account.

For example, an investor has a token N, which has lost 70% of the price from its maximum. At the current market price, the position cost is $ 100,000. In the current markets daily trading volume for the asset is $ 50,000. In such a situation, the investor cannot quickly sell the entire volume of the asset at the current market price, otherwise he will inevitably falling down the market price of the asset. Sylvain Ribes wrote in his Medium about price slippage is very accessible.

XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers

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Now consider, how the purchasing of XSAT token will help the investor from our example.

The investor buys the XSAT token in exchange for the N token for the full amount. Now he has a token in his account that he can exchange for approximately 300 assets available on the Platform. The XSAT Token will be a liquid quotation asset and will have purchasing power inside the Saturn Black market, and subsequently inside third-party markets. At the same time, the sale of the token XSAT is possible not only in exchange for low-liquid assets, but also for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, EOS, Litecoin and other liquid assets. Therefore, an investor can either redistribute assets to other positions from those that traded on Saturn Black or fix the value of an asset in Bitcoins or USD.

XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers

The free conversion of the XSAT token into a large number of crypto assets will allow it to have constant liquidity and be potentially in demand by the majority of market players. It is easy to calculate how much the crypto market has fallen over the past year. Today we have a minus 80% of the total capitalization of the crypto market, which is about $ 700 billion. Although we consider this figure unreliable and overly pumped, the real amount of losses of crypto players is still quite large. And the longer the market does not improve the situation, the more players are interested to unfreeze their deposits.

Saturn Black is created to jointly increase the liquidity of the crypto market. 51% of assets attracted by Token Sale will be used to ensure two-sided liquidity of low liquidity crypto markets.

Saturn Black expands the list of assets to make payment for the XSAT tokens

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XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers   XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers   XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers   XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers    XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers    XSAT token brings new opportunities to customers

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